79 Walker Street Becomes Wired Certified Silver


79 Walker Street

New York, NY 10013

Key Features of Connectivity



•Stealth Communications is providing dedicated, business grade fiber optic internet connectivity available
for tenants.
•Towerstreamhas confirmed that they will be able to provide fixed wireless internet access to tenants in
the building with a signed contract. Fixed wireless is a form of internet connectivity that isn’t dependent
on the wire-line cabling entering the building from the street.
•There is abundant conduit capacity to the street infrastructure to enable seamless connections to
internet service provider networks and reducing the cost of service in the building.
•There is a well planned telecom room within the building to enable providers to place equipment within
a secure, protected environment, mitigating the risk of a service outage.
•Common area Wi-Fi is available within the Lobby as an amenity to tenants.

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